Nina Sidlyar

Hi there! My name is Nina and I come from a very beautiful country called Ukraine. I call England my second home as I have had the amazing opportunity to study here since I was 14. Currently, I am in my third year of a degree at Warwick University and I love it! I study Law and Business and really want to become a commercial lawyer, earn a couple of million and then fund my singing career, haha!

It still seems surreal as to how I ended up on the best radio station IN THE WHOLE WORLD 😉 Two summers ago I, finally, got a chance to fulfil my all-time-dream and learned how to sing. I made a few song covers, which my friends enjoyed and then she introduced me to Chris, who was working with Fresh. He kindly invited me to come to the show and play my cover and from then on, somehow, I ended up co-hosting a super awesome Indie and Alternative Rock show with him and a couple of weeks I went solo.

Honestly, Mondays are my best days, because I get to discover music, chat to you guys about random things and DANCEEEE in the studio! 

A few things about me: I am crazy about staying healthy and can spend hours talking to people about nutrition, but just occasionally, I go home and devour a bar or two of chocolate, cause' I have a huuuuge sweet tooth! I sing and dance 24/7 so you are very lucky not to have me as your roommate. I also love deep conversations and travelling, these two things let to start my own Youtube channel where I chat about personal development and share my travel experiences!

So don’t miss my show, I guarantee that your Mondays will never feel boring or sad again.

Loads of Love,
Nina x

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