Jordan Ingram + The Fresh Sessions

On Air: Sunday 10am-12pm & Monday 7-9pm

Join Jordan on Sunday mornings for two hours of the Freshest Hits, a 30 minute mix of total bangers & highlights from The Fresh Sessions.

But what are "The Fresh Sessions" did we hear you ask? (You did ask that, right?!)

The Fresh Sessions are on every Monday evening from 7pm.

At Fresh we're passionate about giving up-and-coming local talent the chance to showcase their work. So each week we're joined live in the studio by a guest artist who'll perform live, have a chat and take part in some fun games & challenges.

You can listen to The Fresh Sessions on Fresh (funnily enough!) & we'll be posting videos of the performances on our Facebook and Insta during the week after the show.

Looking to join us on The Fresh Sessions?


All the details are here.

Previously on The Fresh Sessions...

Here are a selection of the live tracks from our previous guests...

Chessi O'Dowd

Jeremy Johnson

Matilda Pratt

Caitlin McCarthy

Kenzie Webley


Max Stockin

Alice Meixner

Kieran Taylour

The Upsiders

Kyle Boswell


Louie Forde

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