West Midlands Gigafactory, Jobs Could Be Lost!

Image provided by Chevanon Photography.

There are thousands of potential West Midland jobs at risk unless the region can secure the EV battery plant!

The West Midlands is looking forward to a new 'gigafactory', one that would bring in thousands of jobs for not only the present but the future of the automobile industry. However, if the West Midlands fails to secure the new development, it could put all of those potential jobs at risk.

Birmingham MP, Liam Byrne, the Labour party candidate to become West Midland Mayor, published a report discussing the matter, within this report he states that in failing to create the UK-manufacturing base, it could cause the harm of losing 114,000 jobs by 2040.

Andy Palmer, the former chief executive of Aston Martin, who left his position last summer after six years warned that not only could the United Kingdom lose it's automotive industry, but the "...800,000 jobs that go with it."

There are hopes in securing the factory. Jaguar Land Rover are to be presented within the upcoming months towards the Department for Business with a bid for funding and partnership.

The factory does bring worries with employment but gives more general fear to the public regarding the unemployment to follow if not secured. 

Liam Bryne states, "Right now, with unemployment rising fast, that's a shot in the arm we need to cut carbon - and create new careers with full-time, well-paid jobs."

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