Animal Care at the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham continues throughout England’s second lockdown

Despite being closed to the public under the latest Government restrictions, life inside the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham goes on as animals are continued to be cared for throughout England’s second lockdown.

A dedicated team of more than 10 full time animal care staff are working around the clock to maintain top standards of creature care, including feeding, health checks and tank maintenance.

There may be no guests visiting in the current lockdown, but the costs of keeping things going for more than 2,000 creatures, 60 displays and over 150 different species remain the same as when the aquarium is open.

Curator and Head of Animal Care Team Jonny Rudd said: “It’s a really tough time for zoos and aquariums in particular.

“It’s a worrying time for all of us in the industry, so we remain hopeful and excited at the prospect of welcoming guests back into the attraction again soon.”

Whilst the attraction is closed, the team are putting in extra hours to complete complex maintenance and upgrades around the attraction.

Jonny said: “We want to make sure that when we reopen, it’s in the best way possible, so we are making the most of the time we are closed.

“One of the jobs the team is undertaking is a deep clean of the 70,000 litre pool in the Penguin Ice Adventure enclosure.

“Penguins are messy birds, and with over 18 of them in the habitat it can get pretty dirty! We’re taking the opportunity to give the pool a deep clean, getting into our snorkel gear and giving it a good scrub – although at 7°C it can get a bit chilly!

“The birds are curious creatures so they’ve been interested to see what we’ve been up to and get involved.

“Throughout lockdown, the team continue to focus on looking forward to when the attraction will reopen. We’re really excited to be able to share what we’ve been up to with our guests when they return to visit us in the coming weeks.”

The National Sea Life Centre plans to reopen when England’s lockdown is lifted in December. For more information on the Gentoo penguins and to book tickets visit


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