Join Our Events Team!

Fancy working for an upcoming, exciting radio station that prides itself on playing the freshest hits for the UK?! You already fit right in! We're looking for talented, professional and self-driven individuals to join our team to represent Fresh at a number of events across the UK. Do you fit the bill?! 

- Are you outgoing? Are you the one at the party that never stops talking? 
- Are you all savvy with social media? Fans of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram?
- Are you professional and mindful of public perception?
- Are you flexible and looking for a position that fits around your current commitments? 
- Are you looking for an ad-hoc/freelance position? 

If the answers to the above are any of the following; "yes, yeah, totally, definitely, 100%" - you're in. Just fill in the application form below and we'll be in touch! 

Why would you like to join the team?
What have you done in the past? This can be paid or voluntary experience. Try to link this to the position you're applying for.


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