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As a local radio station that's proud to serve the West Midlands, we absolutely love attending local events. These include food festivals, music festivals, Christmas events, marathons and so much more. We're looking for talented & outgoing individuals to join our events team. 

You'll be joining as an 'ad-hoc' payrolled member of staff, paid at a great rate with work available throughout the year. You must be able to commit to events well in advance. Events are generally held on weekends or bank holidays, though can also be held midweek. 

The ideal street team member should love interacting with people, the role is all about talking to members of the public. Ideal characteristics include being dependeable, responsible, physically fit, working well within a team and being at least 18 years of age. 

This is a flexible role ideal for those who need to choose when they work. With this, there is no guarantee of hours. 

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